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Skyline Streets: Mill and Overlay Project


As most of you know from the Newsletter that went out a few days ago, Allied Blacktop Co. will be in the area to complete work on the first section of our streets to be milled and overlaid with 2" of new asphalt.   This is set to take 2 FULL days of work.  Thursday June 15th is scheduled to be the milling/profiling day.  Please plan on crews being in the area from 7am until 8-9pm.  They mentioned that it will only take 2 days if they are allowed to use the entire day. Attached is the map of the area to be paved.

The milling process is one where the road is ground down around all manhole covers and on either side of the street so there is a smooth transition back into all of your driveways and covers.  They will get as close as they can to the aprons being careful to not disturb your driveway.  Profiling is where they will be choosing areas of the road to mill more which will create elevation change to help water drain off the street and get it into the right of way grassy areas.


Once they are done with the milling and profiling, they have 2 very large paver machines.  One that is roughly 16ft across and one that is 19-20 ft across.  They will again start early on Friday June 16th at or around 7am and work all day until the job is finished.  This will hopefully get done before 9pm but I have let them know that we would prefer they finish once they start rather than add another day of work. 


When meeting with the project manager today, he mentioned that the milling and profiling will most likely start at the front of Skyline where Woodland Ave turns to Skyline Drive.  On the day of paving, they will start the opposite way at the end of the cul-de-sac and pave their way out.

Please understand that there will be some delays of getting in and out your driveways.  If you need to make multiple trips during the day, I would suggest 1 of 3 options

  • Parking on one side of S. Skyline Drive.
  • Use one of the few spots at city hall.
  • Park just down the hill on Woodland Ave

I realize this is an inconvenience but it will only last 2 days (barring weather)


There will also be workers helping with diverting traffic during this time.  Keep in mind these are VERY long days for them as well and they will be doing their best to ensure you can get to where you need to go as quickly as they can.  Please treat them with the respect they deserve and understand that it may take a few more minutes to get in and out of the city.


Once the pavement is laid and rolled, it will still be slightly malleable for a few weeks.  If you have any projects scheduled for the summer that will be using zero turn equipment, try to make turns off the fresh pavement as it will tear it up.  Same goes with cranking your steering wheel when your vehicle is stopped.  This one tear it up as bad, but it will leave marks.  Those should become less noticeable with time.


Please call, text or email me with any other questions you have.

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to a fresh new road in and out of our city!


Eric Manske


507.995.90262023 Mill/Overlay Project